County Clubs Challenge Shield – Afternoon, 25th March 2007 – Team competition

It had been agreed that the scheduling of the HRA Challenge Shield should be coincident with the HRA Captain’s Day shoot, as this had worked well the previous time. The 2007 HRA Challenge Shield was to follow the Captain’s Day shoot. Since Welwyn Phoenix RC prevailed at the last Challenge Shield, then it was our honour to organise 2007 competition. Having booked targets, sent out invitations and made sure the Captain’s Day shoot had not been re-scheduled all was in hand.

Three Hertfordshire clubs entered the 2007 Challenge Shield.

The afternoon was slightly over cast, but not too bad considering the time of year. Slight disaster on the target front, the targets that were booked had been cancelled so we were informed by the range office. No butt markers were available, but 2 electronic targets at 500 yards were available.

The team captains were consulted and a change of format agreed. The new format was to be 2 convertible sighting shots plus 10 to count shot twice at 500 yards, for each member of the 6 man team. However, as two clubs could not filed a full complement this was amended to best 5 of 6 scores to count. An agreeable rota was constructed to allow the three teams to share the 2 electronic targets. We were back on track.

Disaster, the electronic targets were not working after the lunch time recess. It was almost an hour before the targets were up and running again. Coupled with the fact that we were still in the winter season for shooting hours, gave us only 2 hours to complete the shoot. It was not possible to shoot everyone twice, as there was not enough time. So, it came to the best 5 of 6 from one detail at one distance. Welwyn Phoenix RC managed to prevail for a second consecutive year, followed by Watford OCA.

Therefore WPRC have the honour of organising the 2008 HRA Challenge Shield.

Welwyn Pheonix RC 500x
Nick Verduyn 47 3
Colin Skellett 50 5
Alan Skellett 41 1
Liz Verduyn 48 4
Alistair Bullen 48 4
234 17
Watford OCA 500x
A Daw 47 5
P Northam 47 3
T Smith 44 2
T Murphy 46 1
D Harrison 45 1
B Clarke 43 2
229 12
Old Haberdashers’ RC 500x
Peter Winney 40 1
Barry Cairns 47 3
Martin Keen 45 1
David Raeburn 42 1
Dick Winney 42 2
216 8