End of Season Shoot – 19th October 2009

Our customary final club meeting of the season was held on 19th October. A host of competitions at distances between 300 and 1000 yards awaited a spirited turnout of eleven members, who enjoyed sunshine and imperceptibly light, often dangerous winds.

With both handicapped events and straight gun score competitions to shoot, members of all abilities were able to enjoy the day, battling with their nerves their fellow competitors and the winds which seemed to come from nowhere.

As mentioned in earlier reports it was Colin Skellett that was on everyone’s mind following his excellent season on the ranges. He did not disappoint here either but did not have it all his own way as the results listed below will show.

Highlights were certainly Colin’s performance, in scooping up five of the ten trophies but also Richard Malet’s win in the Donegall Trophy for the third time in three years was a notable achievement. Mike Carlin had a great shoot at 600 yards to post his first Club trophy win, just edging Colin into second place.

Prizes were presented after shooting and details of all competitions were as follows:

2009 Club Competitions Summary
7.62 Trophy Best 12 club scores this season Score
Winner Colin Skellett 593
Runner up Alistair Bullen 592
Crossley Cup Best 8 nominated scores
Winner Nick Verduyn 387
Runner up Richard Malet 381
Donegall Trophy Best 8 nominated H/C scores
Winner Richard Malet 100.249
Runner up James Greenway 100.131
Morrisson Salver Best 4 long range  scores
Winner Colin Skellett 198
Runner up Alistair Bullen 197
EOS Warm up Best @ 300 yards Warm-up
Winner Alistair Bullen 35.3
Runner up Colin Skellett 34.5
Pemberton Cup Best 300 + 900 yard Handicap score
Winner Alistair Bullen 200.666
Runner up Colin Skellett 200.444
Rosebowl Trophy Best 600 yard Handicap score
Winner Mike Carlin 100.500
Runner up Colin Skellett 100.444
The Pairs Best pairs Handicap Aggregate score
Winner C.Skellett & S.Thomas 801.085
Runner up Ross Hayden & S.Thomas 800.680
Holland Shield Best Overall Aggregate score
Winner Colin Skellett 195
Runner up Alistair Bullen 194
EOS Tankard Best Handicap Aggregate score
Winner Colin Skellett 400.665
Runner up Alistair Bullen 400.443