End of Season Shoot – 2008

Not only did we attract an excellent turnout of ten shooters, but the traditional thick early morning mist did not show up, so an on time start was possible.

The traditional draw provided some very fair pairings for the ‘Pairs Handicap’ event and after the ‘Warm up Shoot’ of 2&7 at 300 yards which saw Richard Malet shoot the only possible on the range and win the wine, the competition in earnest was under way.

Ten to count at 300 and 600 yards followed in gentle wind conditions, which produced excellent performances from very many competitors at both distances. A double possible from Colin Skellett saw him take the ‘Rosebowl’ with the highest handicapped score at 600 yards.

All was to change over the lunch break. Faced with increasing fresh to strong and variable winds at 900 and 1000 yards in the afternoon, experience started to tell. Alistair Bullen provided the only possible at 900 yards with a 6v count just to rub it in. There were valiant efforts to hang on with very creditable performances from over half of the field but all was to change as we moved back to 1000 yards for the final shoot of the day.

The wind strengthened and it was hard for many to hold the black, let alone the bull. Again Alistair showed how practice at this distance and in challenging conditions, is essential if good scores are to be achieved. His 46.6 (6 v’s and 4 inners!) gave him an unassailable and thoroughly deserved lead to take the overall championship for the 5th year in succession.

Another memorable EOS where nobody got wet in mid-October.

A full results table is shown below.

2008 Club Competitions Summary
7.62 Trophy Best 12 club scores this season Score
Winner Alistair Bullen 593
Runner up Bob Jackson 565
Donegall Best 8 nominated Handicapped scores
Winner Richard Malet 99.772
Runner up Nick Verduyn 99.714
Crossley Cup Best 8 nominated Aggregate scores
Winner Nick Verduyn 384
Runner up Alistair Bullen 373
Morrisson Best 4 long range Aggregate scores
Winner Alistair Bullen 197
Runner up Colin Skellett 196
End of Season warm up Best score @ 300 yards
Winner Richard Malet 35.4
Runner up Ashley Coleman-Cooke 34.4
End of Season 900 Best 900 yard score
Winner Alistair Bullen 50.6
Runner up Richard Malet 46.2
Rosebowl Best EOS 600 yard Handicapped score
Winner Colin Skellett 100.375
Runner up Richard Malet 100.307
End of Season Pairs Best Pairs Handicapped Aggregate score
Winners Alistair Bullen                  & Dick Hayden 799.507
Runners up James Greenway               & Colin Skellett 798.643
Holland Shield Best End of Season Aggregate score
Winner Alistair Bullen 194.25
Runner up Colin Skellett 189.18
End of Season Tankard Best End of Season Handicapped Aggregate
Winner Alistair Bullen 400.443
Runner up James Greenway 399.893