Hertfordshire Clubs Challenge Shield 2009

The dubious honour of organising this Herts Clubs team competition falls to the winner from the previous year. In our fourth consecutive year as organiser, WPRC made a special effort to recruit new interest. With five teams shooting, the efforts were well rewarded and Cheshunt R&PC received an especially warm welcome as the newcomers to this event.

The combining of HRA Captains Day with a team event in the afternoon was again popular and with fine weather and tricky winds the Challenge Shield lived up to its name.

In keeping with the tradition of this event designed for teams of six, those clubs unable to field a full team determine the final format. In 2009 we elected to shoot best 4 scores from 6. Shot over 300 and 600 yards the final result was a close run thing.

After the first distance, Watford with193.19 led WPRC with 193.18 by one V bull. OB’s in third place had amassed 190.18. All was to change at 600 yards, with Old Berkhamsteadians finally gaining the upper hand by a solitary point over Welwyn Phoenix with the same V count.

Final scores were as follows :

Old Berkhamsteadians 381.33
Welwyn Phoenix            380.33
Watford                           376.35
Old Haberdashers         333.9
Cheshunt                         327.11

OB’s will have our support in the drive to attract further new teams to enjoy this competitively relaxed format in 2010 and hopefully grow the interest in HRA events in the future.