Herts County Championship – 4 Sept 2011

The Hertfordshire County Championship, for the ‘Ladies of the County’ trophy, is shot over 300, 600, 900 and 1,000 yards, with 2+10 shots at each range.  Welwyn Phoenix members Alistair Bullen, Nick Verduyn and Colin Skellett competed in the 2011 competition held on 4 September.

The day started with overcast conditions.  The short range morning shoots were completed just before the forecast heavy rain showers arrived.  At the halfway point scores were very close, with 5 shooters on 99/100, including Nick and Colin.

The heavy rain continued through the extended lunch interval, stopping just before the afternoon long range details were due to begin.  Conditions at 900 yards were fairly light and steady but the wind was trickier at 1000 yards, particularly for those shooting in the second detail.

When the scores were finally tallied, the competition was won by Peter Seebohm with a score of 198.26.  WPRC’s Colin Skellett was in 2nd place (1 point and 5 Vs behind).  Alistair’s chances were effectively scuppered with a (bull) cross shot at 600 yds.

Full results are available on the Herts RA web site .