HRA Captains Day 2009

With this event moving several weeks later into early April to try and attract a better turnout our plan seemed to have worked. With 17 competitors it proved to be a recent record, nobody being able to recall such a well attended HRA season opener.

WPRC were well represented with their Clubs Shield team of six all entering this individual handicapped competition, held on the morning of Sunday April 5th. We can report mixed fortunes as the results below will show.

However our penchant for providing winners did not leave us disappointed with Colin Skellett cleaning up both the Top Gun Score and the overall Handicap prize. Scores were tight at the top and our Richard Malet made a score well over his 2008 average to finish in third place only just behind Phil Northam from Watford R&PC.

The picture of the top three tells it all.
WPRC performances were as follows:
WPRC Captains Day Scores 2009
H/Cap 300 500.0 600 Total Position H/C corrrected H/C Position
Colin Skellett 101 35.3 35.6 34.3 104.12 1st 105.60 1st
Richard Malet 95 32.4 34.3 34.3 100.10 4th 105.45 3rd
Alistair Bullen 97 35.6 32.2 33.4 100.12 3rd 105.33 4th
James Greenway 90 31.1 31.2 27.1 89.4 11th 104.94 8th
Bob Jackson 100 34.3 31.0 33.3 98.6 7th 104.67 9th
Nick Verduyn 103 33.4 33.4 34.5 100.13 2nd 104.00 12th

Records will show that WPRC have provided the winner in this competition for five of the last six years.

A Full results table can be viewed on the HRA website at