Imperial 150 Meeting 2019

150th Imperial Meeting July 2019

The 150th Imperial Meeting had been heralded as memorable. It did not disappoint. One hundred and fifty years of history and a continuum only broken by two world wars is a remarkable sporting achievement and one which can be cherished by our National Rifle Association. Uniqueness can always be challenged but our sport can hold its head up high in this respect.

Seven WPRC members represented the club this year. Alistair Bullen, John Cade, Ashley Coleman-Cooke, Bob Jackson, Colin Skellett, Tom Stevenson and Nick Verduyn


Events started one day earlier than normal on First Thursday, with the Century and Admiral Hutton as openers to 10 days of team and individual competition.

Team shooting

WPRC entered the Steward, Belgian and Rifle Clubs competitions but were unable to find consistent form.

Summary results were:

Steward 18th ex 31 with a score of 659.59
Team of: Verduyn, Bullen, Coleman-Cooke, Skellett

Belgian 25th ex 36 with a score of 659.56
Team of: Verduyn, Bullen, Skellett, Jackson

Rifle Clubs 22nd ex 35 with a score of 389.30
Team of: Verduyn, Bullen, Stevenson, Skellett

The Imperial ‘150’

To mark this milestone Meeting, the NRA had arranged the Imperial ‘150’, a full day completion for teams of four. WPRC had been one of the first entrants following its announcement for shooting to take place on Second Thursday.

Allowing no more than two ‘X’ class shots and with at least one ‘T’ class Tyro (a shooter who has never made a prize list finish previously) teams would be more evenly balanced, and so it proved to be, with very few points separating the top of the leader board. 34 teams competed over a whole day, shooting at 900, 1000, 300, 500 and 600 yards, on what was to be the hottest day of the year.

Having secured the services of our good friend Old Berkhamstedians Bruce Winney, a current 2019 GB Palma wind coach, Bob Jackson elected to fill the Plotting chair alongside Bruce to hopefully give the team a solid platform to provide well aimed shots and a performance of which we could be proud.

And so it was to be. Amazing shooting in the mornings long range distances where we had been in the top five at 900 yards, was followed by a gritty and solid team performance in the afternoon as temperatures soared to 42 degrees on the firing point.

A finish only 9 points behind the winners, in 13th place ex 34 and against some of the best shots in Great Britain and the Commonwealth was a proud moment and something all of us will not forget.

Our warm thanks also extend to our Hertfordshire friend Phil Northam from North Herts Rifles who stepped into the breach left by Nick, called away on family commitments. The team was:

Alistair Bullen
Ashley Coleman-Cooke
James Greenway
Phil Northam

Bruce Winney – Wind Coach
Bob Jackson – Plotter

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Individual shooting

With the exception of Nick Verduyn who was attending his daughters university graduation for two days, the squad competed over the full Meeting program. Alistair, Bob, Ashley and Nick all came away with prize list finishes.

Highlights from the two major competitions, the St Georges and the Queens Prize were a 109th place ex 300 for Alistair in the Georges and 116th ex 300 for Nick in the Queens. An elusive top 100 spot to shoot in the finals, had eluded them again.

So there finished a wonderful 150th celebration week. We are unlikely be around to celebrate the 200th, but for this memorable one…………..

WE WERE THERE! Roll on the 151st