Imperial Meeting 2011

The 2011 Imperial Meeting was something of a rollercoaster for Welwyn Phoenix’s Colin Skellett.  After a slow start, things finally came together on the Monday afternoon with a possible in the Wimbledon (along with over 100 other competitors!).

In the evening Colin was representing East of England in the Champion of Champions competition – a 2+15 competition at 1000yds- with 1 shooter from each of the UK Sports Council regions.  Heavy rain made the conditions distinctly unpleasant.  After scoring 2 & 4 with his sighters, Colin went on to get a 75 with 12 V bulls, winning the competition by a single ‘V’ – suddenly the rain didn’t seem so bad!

Wednesday was another good day, with Colin, not dropping any points in the Conan Doyle or Queen’s1 (all 3 ranges). Amazingly with an exceptional score of 105.15 this only secured a 45th place in Q1 illustrating just how difficult it is now to get to the top of the leaderboard. By Friday’s second stage of the Queen’s, things started to unravel and Colin was not able to repeat his earlier form and did not progress into what could have been his first Queens Final.

Next year maybe?

Full Results are here >>>Imperial-Bisley2011