Imperial Meeting 2015

Yet again we experienced a dry and warm Imperial. However heat has the disadvantage of attracting difficult wind conditions and 2015 was no exception. A squad of seven members represented the club this year.


According to tradition our sole MR representative was Dick Hayden. After more than 50 appearances at the annual flagship event he has witnessed many personal trials and tribulations but was never expecting equipment failure to stand in his way. Unfortunately that was the case this year as it’s never ideal to find that your barrel is shot out particularly during a string of competitions. He soldiered on but now looks forward to rebarrelling and putting Imperial 2015 down to experience.


The remaining six club members joined the fray on First Friday for the TR events.

Team shooting

WPRC were not representing Hertfordshire in the Astor Cup this year but we entered teams in The Steward, The Belgian and The Rifle Clubs competitions. The Club was represented by Alistair Bullen, Ashley Coleman-Cooke, Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn and Bob Jackson.

Shooting against the strongest competition we were in for a surprise in The Steward, finishing 1st in the provisional scores posted on the evening after the event. Much celebrating was in order and duly enjoyed, only to have our hopes dashed the next day with a late correction after a challenge by Manchester RC. This was upheld, with them finally eclipsing us by a solitary V bull. Our score was however very rewarding and at least we didn’t miss out on the celebration! Team was Verduyn, Coleman-Cooke, Bullen and Jackson

Steward         2nd ex 27 with a score of 680.68

In the following Belgian and Rifle Clubs competitions we were back in the pack again with disappointing results after our short time in the spotlight earlier.

Belgian          22nd ex 33 with a score of 674.71  – Team of: Verduyn, Bullen, Jackson, Skellett

Rifle Clubs    19th ex 33 with a score of 407.50  – Team of: Verduyn, Bullen, Jackson, Skellett

Individual shooting

John Cade, Alistair Bullen, Bob Jackson, Colin Skellett and Nick Verduyn were all able to shoot through to Second Thursday, while Ashley Coleman-Cooke departed early after the Middle Weekend. A good share of HPS’s and Prize Lists were achieved with everyone making at least one prize list place.

Alistair and Colin progressed to the second stage of The Queens prize, both to fall short of a place in the final by a solitary point. Colin also made stage two of the St Georges but with a staggering 149.17 as the cut for the final, he again was denied.

The cruellest blow of the week however was reserved for Nick Verduyn. Shooting solidly over the first five days he came to Queens I and recorded a perfect 21 Bulls ex 21. With a score of 105 ex 105 a place in Queens II would have been absolutely certain, had he not shot one of these on the adjoining target, reducing his score to 100.11 It is a horrible realisation when that happens and more so when you can pull yourself together and finish the shoot and the next distance without coming out of the centre. Well done Nick, we all feel for you.

Summarising, we can be happy with our week and look forward to the 147th Imperial Meeting in 2016.

Full results table available here >>>Imperial-Bisley2015