More Silver for WPRC HRA Captains Day – 24th March 2013

Individual Captains Day Prize Competition

Our team of six from WPRC entered the individual competition in the morning which was shot in Arctic conditions with a biting wind, snow showers and frozen firing points. It was very reassuring to see our two top guns beating a fully fledged current GB team member and taking both the Captains Prize and the Top Gun score.

Best placed WPRC shooters were:

Captains Day Prize  

Handicap competition

Colin Skellett                        Placed 1st
Nick Verduyn                        Placed 2nd

Top Gun Score 
Colin Skellett                        Placed 1st     104.16
Nick Verduyn                        Placed 2nd     104.13


Full results can be viewed on the following link:  – Click on What’s New and  Captains Day Result

Herts Clubs Teams Challenge Shield

Tradition dictated that the previous winner organises the shoot and 2012 belonged to WPRC, so it was with pleasure that we again provided the necessary services this year.

The afternoon team competition now synonymous with the new seasons opening County shoot was again well attended despite the freezing temperatures and strong winds. With teams representing five County clubs it was decided the format would be changed to accommodate the short winter season day with shooting finishing at 16:00.


Teams of six, with best four scores to count, shooting 2&10 on two details both at 600 yards was the format. With conditions worsening fast and butt markers also struggling in the cold it became obvious that even having changed the format many shooters would not complete the second detail. Taking the best four scores in each team from the first detail was agreed as the fairest way to decide the result.


Team results were as follows:


Welwyn Phoenix 188.15 Colin Skellett 49.3
Old Berkhamstedians 187.13 D.Pooley 47.4
Old Haberdashers 185.9 Dick Winney 49.3
North Herts Rifles 456.16 Phil Northam 49.3
Watford OCA 180.14 Andy Daw 49.8


Top Gun in the afternoon to take the individual prize was Andy Daw with 49.8

WPRC Team was:

Alistair Bullen (Captain)
James Greenway
Richard Malet
Allan Skellett
Colin Skellett
Nick Verduyn