Welwyn Phoenix Grand Slammers

Following our article recently published about the achievements of Alistair Bullen in last seasons Club competitions, we have to advise that it contained an element of under-reporting.

Not that our illustrious Captain did not have a remarkable season on the ranges. Far from it!

We reported that Alistair was the first member to achieve the Mini Grand Slam by winning all four of the seasons Concurrent competitions. We have looked into the archives and find that this was actually first achieved by a youthful Nick Verduyn back in 1998. So we have TWO Mini Grand Slammers.

What Alistair achieved by adding victories in the two main End Of Season shoot competitions in the same year amounts to the first FULL GRAND SLAM in the Club’s history.

For the record here are the two performances in detail:
Welwyn Phoenix Grand Slams
Winning Scores 1998 2006
Nick Verduyn Alistair Bullen
7.62 Trophy 590 580
Donegal Badge 99.813 100.228
Crossley Cup 382 383
Morrison Salver 186 191
Holland Shield 180.16v
EOS Tankard 400.800

Well done again!