Welwyn Phoenix Rifle Club at the City RC Open Meeting 2009

Welwyn Phoenix member Colin Skellett had a remarkable run in the well attended City Open meeting held at Bisley on 12/13 Sept.

The Saturday competition was at short range, with a ‘Queen’s 1’ format (2+7 shots at 300, 500 and 600 yds) in the morning and a ‘Queen’s 2’, (2+10 shots at the same ranges) in the afternoon. Although achieving a maximum score of 105 in the morning, Colin was beaten into second place on V-bull count.

In the afternoon competition, Colin dropped a point at 300 yds (scoring a 49.9) and was clear at 5 & 600 – his score of 149.21 was enough to win the ‘Barker’ cup by a single V. Several Hertfordshire competitions are shot concurrently with the 500 and 600 yard City competitions. Having not dropped a shot at either range, morning or afternoon, Colin also won these.

The Sunday shoot was 2+15 at 900 and 1000 yds. In ‘tricky but readable’ wind conditions, Colin dropped a point at 900 and a further three at 1000. – Ending up one point and quite a few Vs off the lead.

The City Championship is however decided on the aggregate score made over the two days. Colin’s aggregate was 400 ex 405, which would have been sufficient to win the City Open Championship by the considerable margin of four points – unfortunately, not expecting to shoot so well, he hadn’t entered the City aggregate competitions. Oh ye of little faith!

A summary of the 2009 Hertfordshire County competitions is available below. Our successes in this seasons events has been remarkable and is most unlikely to be surpassed in the future.

Welwyn Phoenix RC County Competition Results 2009

Throughout the season the County organises seven competitions open to all members of Hertfordshire Rifle Association affiliated clubs. In addition the Herts Open is, as it’s name suggests, an open competition with no restrictions to entry.

In previous years the best individual performances recorded were in 2003 and 1998 when Tim Webster and Nick Verduyn (WPRC) respectively won three out of the seven competitions.

In 2009:

  • Colin Skellett of WPRC eclipsed the former record by winning six out of the seven competitions (not shooting in the remaining Melville Competition).
  • Nick Verduyn of WPRC won the remaining Melville and was in second or third place in five of the other competitions.
  • Richard Malet and Alistair Bullen also featured in the prizes.
  • Our Club Team won the Herts Astor team heat and went on to represent the County at Bisley in the Astor Final in July.

It is inconceivable that this feat will ever be repeated and we feel justifiably proud for the Club and particularly for Colin Skellett in what has been a bumper year for WPRC.

WPRC Herts Competition results in 2009

Competition Distances Winner Second Third Fourth
Captains Day 300/500/600 Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn Alistair Bullen Richard Malet
Captains Day Handicap 300/500/600 Colin Skellett Richard Malet Alistair Bullen
Melville 900/1000 Nick Verduyn
Maggs 500 Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn
Longmore 600 Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn
County Jewels 500/600 Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn
County Championship 300/600/900/1000 Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn
Hertfordshire Open 500/600 Colin Skellett Nick Verduyn
Hertfordshire Astor 300/500/600 Welwyn Phoenix Rifle Club