First Guest Shoot with Welwyn Phoenix

With the prospect of shooting at 300 and 600 yards on a beautiful warm spring day, the opportunity paid off for eight visitors to Bisley recently.

WPRC’s policy of opening it’s doors to those who would like to try full bore shooting paid off for a large group of guests who joined Club Members for a day on the ranges.

The group comprised both complete novices and some who were renewing their interest in the sport. Following a comprehensive safety briefing, each visitor was allocated a coach and mentor for the day. They then proceeded to get down to the serious business of ‘hitting the black’.

It was gratifying for coaches to see that all of their charges achieved a considerable degree of success and progress throughout the day. Notably those that had been away from the sport for extended periods were able to ‘get back on the bike’ with amazing ease. Examples of success during the day were:

• Total novice at full bore 43 ex 50 – 600 yards • Not picked up a target rifle for 18 years 46 ex 50 – 600 yards

Keen, talented or good coaching. You decide!

Plenty of target space enabled members to also enjoy a good days shooting, but all agreed that the winner of the day was Target Shooting, which seemed to be certain of some new recruits in the very near future.

To our guests; Ian, Mike, Martin, Pat, Brendan, Bridget, Mehbub &Adrian; thanks for joining us. We know you had a great day – the smiles said it all, particularly when the V Bulls were signalled from the butts. See you again SOON!!

To the members who attended; a great team effort – thanks for your support.