Shooting Program

Full Bore Shooting Programme

Welwyn Phoenix is very pleased to offer their facilities to all those interested in full bore rifle shooting. The invitation can be extended to complete novices, where careful training and skills coaching is provided and also to accomplished target shooters who are either considering a change of Clubs or possibly interested in trying out Full Bore shooting in addition to their existing discipline.

Our shoots take place at Bisley in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at a moderate cost. Safety issues are the first priority as always, particularly with guests who may not be familiar with our range procedures.

The First Guest Shoot of the year is always planned for early in the season. Visitors are warmly invited to contact the organisers for details. Due to statutory controls, we ask you to contact us at least 21 days before Guest events so that arrangements can be made to accommodate you.

We meet in the car park behind the NRA offices at 0810am for a pre-shoot briefing and collection of equipment. Shooting starts at 0830. If visitors arrive slightly later, they need to find us on the ranges, details of which are posted on the notice board outside the NRA Range Office.

Details of our shoots can be found below in the Shooting Programme and range details can be found on the NRA website.

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Shooting Programme

DateGuest dayTargets bookedClub ShootsOther Meetings
22/03/2020Yes2 ADTBAClub Target - TBC
08/12/2019Yes1 AM600Club Target
10/11/2019Yes1 AM900Club Target
27/10/2019Yes2 AD300/600Club Target
06/10/2019No3 AD3/6/9/1000 EOSClub EOS
15/09/2019Yes2 AD300/600Club Target
18/08/2019No2 AD900/1000Club Target
23/06/2019No2 AD1000/900Club Target
02/06/2019Yes2 AD300/900Club Target
12/05/2019No1 AD600Club Target
28/04/2019Yes2 AD300/500Club Target
07/04/2019No5 PM300/600Club Shield
17/03/2019Yes2 AD300/600Club Target